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Leisure, sport and entertainment

Holiday how you like it

We want you to feel good. Seeing as everybody has different preferences, we simply offer a wide range of different possibilities. Take your pick and recharge your batteries one step at a time.

Find your own balance between sporty activities and chilling out. During your holiday you can take some time for yourself, or really party with family and friends.

Can you only relax if you know how your four-legged best friend is doing? We’re certainly dog-friendly, and your furry pal is welcome: certain apartments are specifically approved for dogs. On the other hand, there is also a large number of ‘pet-free’ apartments for guests with allergies to animal hair.

Leisure opportunities in H+ Hotel Ferienpark Usedom - Official website

Leisure opportunities in Holiday park Usedom

  • Large, pleasantly heated swimming pool with a children’s pool (less added chlorine thanks to an ozone filtration system)
  • Sauna facility with two saunas (Finnish sauna, infrared sauna)
  • Tennis court  
  • Ping pong table  
  • Bicycles for the whole family
  • Segways
  • Large children’s play area
  • Two barbecue areas

Short excursions to Koserow - H+ Hotel Ferienpark Usedom - Official website

Short excursions to Koserow beach resort: beach, forest and nature

Enjoy the quiet, surrounded by beautiful nature with the beach on your doorstep. Alongside a number of different hikes through the undisturbed nature nearby, you can also:

  • Reach the centre of the Koserow beach resort or Usedomer Bäderbahn station (the island railway) within a few minutes’ walk
  • Take another walk leading to the pier and the historic salting huts by the registry office
  • Visit the ‘Lüttenort’, the home of the artist Niemeyer-Holstein, a must for art-lovers
  • Entertain the children with Karl’s Adventure Village and Leisure Park, located nearby

centrally located on the sunny island - H+ Hotel Ferienpark Usedom - Official website

Koserow is centrally located on the sunny island: ideal for taking trips

Well-developed bicycle paths invite tourists to explore the whole island. Should a route stretch too far, the Usedomer Bäderbahn will be happy to pick up both you and your bicycle. Taking the car you can reach the famous Imperial Baths within a few minutes, or Zinnowitz, where the white promenade is worth a visit. Golf lovers can meet up on the 18 and 9-hole courses by the Balmer See (15km).

You can keep in touch if you want to

You can always remain in contact with loved ones at home as well as (if necessary) the office if you like: all apartments have telephone connections and either wireless or wired internet connections, meaning that you have fast access available 24 hours a day. Neither are required, of course, and can be turned off for you at any time.

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