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Legal information and details in accordance with DL-InfoV:

The Manager of this website:
Ferienpark Usedom GmbH

Am Steinberg 1-10

17459 Koserow

Commercial register:
HRB 7057 Stralsund District Court

Chief Executives:
Dr. Bernd Ruppert

gemäß § 27 a Umsatzsteuergesetz:
USt-ID-Nr. DE 250792501

VAT identification number in accordance with § 34c GewO:
Amt Usedom-Süd, Markt 7,
17406 Usedom


Note pursuant to § 28 BDSG:

In accordance with § 33 BDSG, in the case of a booking request, details that are necessary for the operation of the business will be processed and saved via a data processing system. Personal details will be confidentially handled. The passing-on of these details to third parties is prohibited.

Furthermore, data pertaining to the number of times pages on our website are accessed, as well as the duration of access and the IP addresses used to access the website can be gathered and saved for a limited time for statistical and security purposes. This data collection is carried out exclusively to improve and optimise our website; personal details are thus not collected.

No warning without prior contact!

Should any content or the technical design of this website or the content of email traffic (newsletters, offers, reports etc.) processed via this domain or the domains,,, or breach foreign third-party rights or legal regulations or trigger competition problems of any kind, we request, in accordance with § 8 Abs. 4 UWG, an adequate, sufficiently explanatory and timely message without note of fees.

We guarantee that any rightly disputed passages or parts of this website and emails will be removed within a reasonable period of time, or will be completely adapted to respect legal requirements, without the need on your part to involve a lawyer. The engagement of a lawyer for issuing a warning letter to the service provider, with the concomitant costs, does not correspond to the latter’s real or assumed intention and would thus violate § 13 Abs. 5 UWG, concerning the pursuit of irrelevant aims as a dominant motive for the initiation of proceedings, especially an intention to acquire costs as a driving force, as well as a violation of the duty to minimise damages.

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