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The sunshine island of Usedom - a holiday experience

Worth a trip at any time of year!

Come and see the spring blossom on the Baltic sea and soak in the first warm rays of sunshine. 

Usedom is absolute bliss in springtime: everything comes alive again and is bursting with energy, and the first rays of sun caress the skin as you take a walk on the beach. The peace during this preseason period is glorious.

Koserow - H+ Hotel Ferienpark Usedom - Official website
Promenade: Three imperial baths
Three imperial baths near the H+ Hotel Ferienpark Usedom - Official website
Fishing boats on the beach
Beach walks in Koserow - H+ Hotel Ferienpark Usedom - Official website
Pier in Ahlbeck
Pier in Ahlbeck - H+ Hotel Ferienpark Usedom - Official website

Naturally visitors will find the sunshine island hugely inviting in summer, and Koserow is one of those lucky locations which isn’t completely overrun. There’s always some room on the beach and space to sit comfortably in the café. The kids can still play freely and parents can let their thoughts wander. A morning walk or a jog along the empty beach or through the local woods will boost your spirits.

Koserow is an extraordinary spectacle in the colourful autumn. The forests transform into wonderful, warm colours and this alone is reason enough to plan a visit. The final warm rays of summer sun are such a treat and might even tempt you to go for a swim. On colder days a cosy jacket means you can still get out on the beach, where supplying the kids with a kite is non-negotiable! Beaming children’s faces are guaranteed.

And if the weather just isn’t cooperating, our swimming pool or various other indoor activities will keep you occupied.

A winter visit is a chance to recharge the batteries: at this time of year you can really relax on the snowy beaches or in the beautiful snow-covered woods. And after a chilly walk, you can visit the spa area which offers a sauna, swimming pool and your own personal “pampering programme” at the beauty salon and massage studio.

Beach in Koserow
Beach - H+ Hotel Ferienpark Usedom - Official website
Pier in Heringsdorf
Pier - H+ Hotel Ferienpark Usedom - Official website

Vineta and the Amber Witch

Koserow’s history is rich with myths and legends and is worth exploring.

According to legend, the old city of Vineta is located right next to Koserow out in the ocean. Storm floods are said to have submerged the city many centuries ago – some say as a punishment for the moral degeneration of its residents and, in particular, their greed, belligerence and arrogance. To this very day, it is claimed you can still hear the silver bells of the old town of Vineta ringing out deep below the waves – in the evening, if the sea is calm.

Koserow also became famous thanks to the Amber Witch, a vicar’s daughter who supplied the starving residents of Koserow with bread after the town had been devastated during the Thirty Years’ War. The story goes that she found lots of amber beneath the Streckelsberg cliffs and that she sold this and used the profits to buy bread, which she gave to the Koserow townspeople. A local official fell in love with the vicar’s daughter, but his affection was not reciprocated. Due to this rejection and because noone knew how she had obtained the money, she was accused of being a witch and was due to be burned at the stake. Luckily she was rescued and she was given the name the amber witch.

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