Koserow Bathing Resort – centrally located on the Baltic Coast - H+ Hotel Ferienpark Usedom

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Koserow Bathing Resort – centrally located on the Baltic Coast

Koserow is a small resort, centrally located on Usedom, where guests like to relax and enjoy life, far from massive hotel complexes, noisy casinos and crowds of people.

View from above: Baltic Sea beach Usedom
Baltic Sea beach - H+ Hotel Ferienpark Usedom - Official website
H+ Hotel Ferienpark Usedom
H+ Hotel Ferienpark Usedom - Official website

Koserow and its surroundings have a great many beech forests, inviting visitors to take long walks along the coastal path atop steep cliffs. Along the expanses of water between the mainland and island, nature trails lead into the island´s interior towards boat moorings and angling areas. This is a true paradise for nature lovers and water sports fans.

Cycle along bike paths on the gorgeous Baltic coast. The holiday park´s central location is perfect for trips of any distance, to numerous attractions and natural beauty spots on Usedom. There´s always something to see and do on 100 km of cycling paths and 400 km of signposted hiking trails

Usedom has so much to see – pine forests in the north, the former rocket launching station in Peenemünde, dock facilities in the Wolgast area, quiet, calm backwaters to the west and gentle landscapes formed during the last Ice Age. Bike south and take a look at the elegant bathing resorts. Perhaps you´d like to cross over the border to Swinemünde in Poland? Bring your bike back on the Bäderbahn train from Swinemünde station to Koserow.

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